Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mists of Panderia!!

     So for a few months I have played very little World of Warcraft. The week or so prior to the new expansion hitting (which happened this past Tuesday, the 25th) have been an explosion of activity as I began trying out the new talent system they have put in place in an effort to simplify talent selection and put an end to "cookie cutter" characters. Ideally there should be no right choices, and I believe them. Each decision came down to which is cooler, or does this fit how I play. Then, of course, Tuesday the 25th hit.

     Pandas! Pandas! Pandas! Oh my word! I made a pandaren monk and ran with it. Then I hopped on my main (85 blood elf paladin) and went to Pandaria, fought and then made friends with the pandaren and hozen (monkeys) then dragged myself back to the old world to try out the pet battle system, I will refer to as pandokemon.

     I call it pandokemon since I heard Turpster call it that on the Instance. It is a beautiful mash up of Pokemon and Warcraft. I enjoy playing around with the old Pokemon games, so it was natural that I would get sucked into. In fact, I think I have spent more time on this than leveling my main.

     Eventually I came back to the Wandering Isle and made my second panda monk, the first will join the alliance and this one will be in the horde. The fire spirit Huo is with me in both pictures, because I love the stylistic flourishes they gave to the elemental spirits. I am a little nervous about, but still looking forward to, the Tillers where I can get and cultivate my own farm. OMG!! Let me know what you guys think, and take care everyone!

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