Thursday, August 23, 2012

Headlocked: What's Your Story

     So, a friend of mine has a game he is trying to get off the ground, called Headlocked. He (Andy Fix) describes it as a game about the art of pro wrestling. (check out his nifty little video here) Art you say? Yes, art, we know that wrestling is not real, but basically there is a story behind all of the fake hits. It uses the Fate system, and Fred Hicks from Evil Hat Games gave it a bit of a plug. In wrestling you have heels, basically the bad guys or jerks. Then you have the faces, the ones whom everyone loves. So you and your friends get together and say "I want my wrestler to be despised by everyone, but somehow turn around and be redeemed." The Fate system is all about working with the other players and connect your story with theirs.

     I have heard of some people saying "What, another wrestling rpg?" and I was confused, since I have only heard of the WWE: Know Your Role rpg. Apparently there are a few more out there, but since I am not a gamer who is also a wrestling fan, I had no idea. So, the point of this is here is this game, I am not a huge wrestling fan, but if my friends who are wanted to play, I wound jump at this one. I also wanted to get the word out, especially since he has a kickstarter going. Please check it out, and let me know what you all think.

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