Monday, August 6, 2012

Harrowfaust (Labyrinth Lord) Game

     Yahoo!! I ran a game of Labyrinth Lord set in Harrowfaust, from the Tales of the Grotesque and the Dungeonesque Gothic fantasy setting. Harrowfaust is the region that the vampires vs. pennagalan and is populated by superstitious peasants. My three players decided to run a paladin, fighter, and a magic user. They are started in the village of Bremond and have joined with a group of sun worshiping vampire hunters who hide in an abandoned church.

     The leader of the hunters, Cristoff, tried to convince to the group of the reality of vampires. The players remained skeptical but are willing to stick around if there is pay involved. Cristoff then sends them to the home of the village elder, who will be expecting them, to retrieve a few items hidden under his floorboards. Also, recently the local baron has sent a representative on an inspection of his lands, the group should be wary of this individual.

      Upon arriving at Jean Michel's hut, comes out of a neighboring house to tell them that he was chased out of his hut by some vicious looking rats, so to be careful. They entered and located to hole where the items had been stored and also the giant rats had come out of. The items (two bags of grain and a bottle of holy water) were gone, presumably with the rats down an ominous tunnel.

     Viola, the fighter, set to crawling down the tunnel when it collapsed into a cave. Quin, the magic user tied off a rope and climbed down with Alexander, the paladin. As they looked about the area, seven giant rats leaped upon them. After beating down the rats they found a trail of grain leading through a tunnel into another cave chamber. Crossing the chamber, they were set upon by three giant centipedes, scuttling after them. Finishing off these three creepy creatures they then came upon the object of there search, a room whose floor was cluttered with various mushrooms and fungi. Giant rats skittered amongst them, hiding their numbers and across the room lay a rather large specimen, even for a giant rat. amongst the debris and detritus scattered about this lounging beast was the bags of grain as well as gleaming bits of treasure.

     What followed was a close fight for their lives as the group battled nineteen of these giant rats, only to have the monster rat at the end leap from it's throne of debris and wriggle away through a crevice. The group emerged triumphant, though sick from whatever disease the rats were carrying and that is where it ended. I am hoping to continue with the story next weekend. Take care everyone!

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