Thursday, May 10, 2012

PvP Online:Shecky

     So, a few days ago, Scott Kurtz posted on his blog (check it out here )about his character, Shecky, cousin to fan favorite Skull. In it he states that "No character has been more universally hated among PvP readers, than poor Shecky." and I can see why he may be disliked, but hated is a bit strong. Apparently he was brought into the pvp universe to give Skull a sense of having come from somewhere and not just being popped into existence from the ether.

     His character works in broad strokes (pretending to be a baby to steal for booze money) but he has this underlying sneakiness and possibly warmth that just works for me.I'm trying to remember/locate the second story that he appears in but I seem to be at an impasse. It had to do with good old Shecky wrapped up in a romance (?) with a medusa. If someone knows where I could find that story, let me know please.
     Shekels Montgomery Troll seems very vaudevillian to me and I always want to read his lines as if W.C. Fields were saying them. Sure he can be a pain but his actions bring depth to the group as a whole, not just Skull. Kurtz states that what he had in mind was "a character comprised completely of tropes" which further pushes him into vaudeville territory for me, especially with the bowler hat, cigar, and spats.

     Personally I hope to see him again to further explore Skulls troll roots. Plus, spats and bowler hats rock!
Any thing to add? Leave me a comment and I will get back with you. Thanks guys and take care

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