Sunday, May 27, 2012

Deadlands Finale, Finally!!!

     So, about a month ago, we finally finished the Deadlands game I had been running. The last game we played can be found here . So the guys went after Miss Chambers as she fled the town and having a bit of a head start. They managed to catch up enough to her as she escaped in the ruins she had recently excavated.

     As the posse approached some cultists ran forward one of the boys attacked with his horse as the others drew their pieces, both sides exchanged hot lead, and horseshoes in one case! As the last cultist fell they noticed the squarish hole before them had a brazier lit at each corner, a broad stone staircase descending into it's depths.

     Heading down the steps, which led to a platform in the center where Miss Chambers was finishing an incantation. Three skin walkers slithered out of what was seemed to be hundreds of bodies all around the platform. The boys opened fire as the fiends advanced upon them, one of the skin walkers attempting to jump over stairs to get to the preacher in the back but slipping back into the mass of corpses. Johnny was in the front tussling with a walker as Richard took aim with his rifle. After some close calls it came down to Miss Chambers and one skin walker versus the guys. The preacher created a whirlwind that pulled Anna and the last walker into it, along with a flaming brazier. Johnny ran back up the stairs, remembering that he had seen a wagon as they arrived. Just as he hoped, it contained dynamite, and he shouted to his compatriots to get out of the way as he pushed the wagon down the stairs and into the whirlwind. The dancing flames and hot coals from the brazier caught the dynamite and exploded, setting the pit ablaze.

     Any questions or comments, I am done with my classes for work, and am getting back into the swing of things. Take care everyone!!

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