Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summoned from shadows!!

So, another Sunday night and another game under my belt. Tonight I introduced them to the umbral, a shadowy race that existed int the time before the tieflings broke their pacts with devil kind.

The session began with them being brought to an archaeological dig site by a horse drawn carriage. Upon arrival they meet Venomia, Thornfel (male tiefling), and Praxana (female dwarf) who are overseeing the venture. They have to take an elevator down into the Starfel, as the site is located in a cavern in the crater wall. They notice the elevator is being lowered by an ogre working a turnstile and that the rope have runes on them to protect and strengthen them. Praxana lets them know, as she closes the gate to the elevator, that it would take a few minutes to be lowered to the entrance. This allowed the pc's to ask questions, until the car began to shudder and they noticed shadowy forms messing with the ropes, and the pulleys at the top. Zeeblun (invoker) and Quarion (wizard) discovered the creatures were manipulating the runes on the ropes. The both of them then manipulated the runes themselves and caused a surge of electricity to zap the things before they could cause more mischief.

The elevator finally arrives safely on a platform, and they enter the cavern entrance. Apparently when the Starfel was formed, a building was shoved into this cavern and it came to rest on the tomb of a legendary tiefling named Tarlvane Nightscythe. It is rumored a valuable artifact was sealed in his tomb, so everyone is anxious to fully investigate the ruins. Also, the shadowy creature remind Jinx of stories she heard as a child, about a race called umbral (see previous post).

I shall post the rest tomorrow, but it is late and I need my beauty sleep, hehe. Take care guys, hope to hear from you guys soon!

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