Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diggin old "Dragon"s

Recently I acquired ten Dragon magazines from a used bookstore nearby, more precisely, issues 71-72, 75, 79, 87-89, 108, 110, and 151. Amazing artwork abounds, as well as the first installment of Snarfquest. These range from March '83(AD&D) to November '89(2nd edition). From Boot Hill/ Top Secret adventures to Oriental Adventure support, it is amazing the diversity of information just waiting to be bent to my will, a-hahahahahaha. Ahem, excuse me for that outburst.

Number 71 starts with a Clyde Caldwell cover and a missive in the letters section about Mazes and Monsters, I can almost feel like a kid again. Next, Gary Gygax comes up with some new druid spells and fleshes out some quasi(and non quasi)deities from the Greyhawk setting. The big thing here is "The Taming of Brimstone", an adventure for the Boot Hill game. It is just begging to be adapted for Deadlands or any other western rpg you like. Of course it ends with the comics, What's New with Phil and Dixie, Dragonmirth, and Wormy. Ahh, memories!

Another Caldwell cover on issue 72, as well as the new cavalier class and the ecology of the piercer! Ed Greenwood has an extensive treatise on gemstones that is interesting. As this is an April issue there are a few April fool's type articles included such as valley elf song lyrics(parody of valley girl) and Duh Jock (new class). As usual, it ends with the usual comics fanfare, woot!

Jack Crane has a whimsical cover for Dragon 75, and the letters include a few about play by mail games. Ed Greenwood gives us the ecology of the mimic and two or three articles give some depth to devils and the Nine Hells. Gamma World gets some more creatures, while an aquatic adventure (Can Seapoint Be Saved)is featured for AD&D. An article giving tips to dungeon masters is informative, and I also learn Origins was held in Detroit in 1983!

Jack Crane(whimsy be thy name) is once more our cover artist and we are treated to the ecology of the treant as well as the winners of the Gen Con miniature competition. A Top Secret mission "Wacko World" is included, with a short article about freelance submissions.

Our third and final Crane cover has various animal plants attacking some adventurers, this is followed up inside with an article by Mr. Crane about these various plants. We learn how to take our game out of the dungeon as well as the ecology of the dryad. More Greyhawk deities get fleshed out and Stalking the Night Fantastic gets a poor review. Operation: Whiteout, a Top Secret mission, is featured as well as the Ares section for sci-fi content such as Star Frontiers, Traveller and Gamma World.

Well, I have to go, but I will be back with the rest of those, if anyone is interested. The ads are great, with the 007 game, ICE's Middle Earth rpg, just all kinds of games and merchandise. Catch you guys later, and take care!!

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