Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sword and Planet Adventure

     I have been playing Destiny 2 a bit and it had me thinking how I would translate it into a sword and planet setting for 5E? Which reminds me of the fantastic work that Tim Callahan and company did on the Crawljammer (old link but has info on the various issues)fanzine for DCC! They started with just enough information on the planets to get you excited and slowly expanded from there with six issues in all and a couple standalone adventures. If this seems up your alley you can purchase them here!
My little zine treasure chest full of Crawljammer goodness
     Of course I want to do my own thing, because why check a copy of something awesome when you can get the amazing original. So if I does this it will be with the intent to bring a different spin to it, while giving credit to all those before me. This includes Edgar Rice Burroughs and Clark Ashton Smith. I am looking into running games using virtual table tops to see if any of this works, which of course I will announce new here. So keep an eye out and hopefully you will be entertained or at least find something useful. Take care, folks!

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