Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Possible good news for the Doctor Who RPG

     Just this past weekend I picked up the Ninth Doctor Sourcebook for DW:AiTaS,wHich looks great on its own.

But I noticed this on the last page!

Hopeful this means soon there will be a new base rules set. I hope so, since getting people started on a game that has no easy point of entry. This has me excited to run it at my flgs,maybe even run it at Gateway in Cincinnati. Fingers crossed! 


  1. I seem to remember they confirmed a while back that after they sell through the Limited Edition rule book they'd be doing a hardback 11th rulebook to take the place of the old box sets.

  2. The 50th Anniversary hardback is pretty good.

  3. Yeah Reid, I waited too long to get the 50th anniversary book, and it is pretty cool. I hope the new rules come out soon, and are more reasonably priced than the original 50-60 dollar box sets.