Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ravenstone Games

Mike Williamson, owner
     Ravenstone Games! My friendly local game store. I have some lovely memories here and felt I should share this place with you all. When I travel, I like to visit game stores local to where I am going. I felt I should cover my local store. Ravenstone has been  a Columbus, Ohio fixture founded by Joe Turner in 1996, starting out in Westerville and eventually moving to it's current location at 1675 Karl Ct. Columbus, Ohio 43229. It later years it gained new owners, but today it is run by Mike Williamson.

     The Pathfinder Society has an active presence, with games happening on Thursday and Saturday and Dungeons and Dragons 4E Mondays and Tuesdays. Apparently someone is running a Dragon Storm game Fridays, which is awesome to see one of the original collectible card/role playing games getting some love. Heroclix games are Thursdays and Star Trek Attack Wing is one Wednesday a month (just started recently). The second Saturday of the month has COGA running miniatures games starting at 10am. Of course they do the Magic pre-releases and will soon be getting into the Friday Night Magic scene.

     The website is not quite up to date, and there is a you tube video if you are so inclined. If you are looking for the latest and they do not have it, he can most likely order it for you.Next time you're in Columbus, get it a look. Take care guys!

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