Sunday, July 21, 2013

Post apocalyptic game idea, with a Kamandi twist.

     Long ago, several kings awoke to their kingdoms in turmoil. One of their number quickly turned on the rest, bending them to his corrupt will. Soon each turned on his people, destroying or twisting them to his whim. It is said the kings still live in their towers, meting out their own weird brand of justice. Perhaps some brave adventurer can go forth and free them and restore some balance to a dark and tortured world!

     Recently I have read some Kamandi comics (from DC), and now would like to run a post apocalyptic adventure. Basically the "kings" are AI's that become self aware, and one of them (who calls himself Tyranus) takes over the rest, soon twisting the world for several centuries. Some of them destroy life, others create new humanoid creatures like tiger-men or ape-men (like from Kamandi). I just need to decide on a system, either Mutant Future or Savage Worlds. Any opinions one way or the other, let me know.

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