Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Doctor Who Campaign

     So, recently I began running a DW:AiTaS game for a few of my friends. I started the initial three on Gallifrey in a universe where the Doctor does not exist. On the eve of their graduation from the Prydonian academy, they began investigating the fact that they each had been having the same dream. In the dream, a man sits, strapped to a chair with a metal hood covering his head. A voice screams "Help me!" before they awake. Things get rolling with figuring out what the strange figure was secured to, a little poking around reveals it is a stasis cell. Could someone be trapped in one, calling for help? Well seeing as how these things run off Kontron energy, setting up a scan of the capitol for thing energy signature should not be an issue.

     Off they go, location in hand, to see what is going on. After dodging guards, they reach their destination to find it is the Lord President's quarters. After working the lock they find themselves opening the stasis cell (it was disguised as part of a wall) to find someone who calls himself Doctor.

     Unfortunately I am out of time, but I will post more later on.

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