Sunday, November 21, 2010

Concering my Sunday game

My 4E game usually gets ran every other Sunday, and I like to play a little fast and loose, meaning I want them to have a say in what happens next (usually, hehe). What usually occurs is I will think about the game for the first week, then the week leading up to the game I come up with various plot hooks I would like to present them. Friday after work I really start pulling together material from different sources, until Saturday night/Sunday afternoon I really buckle down and churn out material. I do a lot of cut and paste documents, nothing fancy just stats for monsters, npc's, traps and hazards.

When I get to the store and set up I am a little nervous, wondering if they will bite or maybe it wont be interesting. Once we get started, though, it just feels right, because what it is all about is entertaining your group and having fun while doing it. So, whether you are playing 4E, Savage Worlds, 2nd edition, or whatever, just have fun. No one can invalidate your fun, so just jump in with both feet and play. Maybe even try and run a game.

Tonight found my players doing some investigation during the first half, speaking with the dwarf ambassador and the local chapter of the Gravedancer's Union (adventurers society). It was the direction they took, which lead them to the big two encounter fight in the second half. The ambassador suggested that they help the city guards out in order to ingratiate themselves with the city. The guard needed a section of sewers cleared of some unseen menace and the pc's agreed. Some role playing and a couple of big fights makes my night a blast, especially when I get to use some accents.

Well enough of this, any comments or questions, please post! Thanks for reading and take care!

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  1. Gravedancer's Union? Someone's been listening to Soul Asylum while cooking up ideas, a practice I readily endorse.