Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Origins, how I love thee...

I've just spent the day wandering around Origins Game Fair with my spawn (read kids), and man I had a blast. Previously my youngest would normally be gripping my arm, practically climbing up me due to shyness/nervousness but this time was different. He actually gave me a little breathing room, only grabbing my hand a couple of times.

Just did the family day pass since I have sworn off paying to play with a bunch of strangers. Last time I did that, it was two guys playing female characters in an All Flesh Must Be Eaten (zombie) rpg, and even though the pre-generated cheracter sheets had brief backgrounds on them, they chose to play them like drunken whores. Not that I know how drunken whores act, I am just guessing. So yeah, I highly recommend going to the game library with your friends (miniatures room I think) and finding something to play. I played a couple games of Unspeakable Words by Playroom Ent. (art by my friend Tony Steele, though I didn't realize it at the time) which my friends and I a lot of fun with.

I spent a good deal of time in the exhibitor's hall looking for deals, basically out of print stuff that's dirt cheap. I've found Horrorclix mini's are good for lots of different zombies and other scariness, and I even came across some Mage Knight for some fantasy rpg type mini's. Got a roll of Gaming Paper that I am looking forward to drawing maps on, whee! I picked up some Game Science dice, which baffled my wife and kids, who didn't understand why I was happy to get some. I basically pinned it down to nostalgia, since I had some when I was a kid and they got lost sometime between being a teen and an adult.

Looked for mini's for Sunday night's game, but came up dry. So basically going to the big con for me is all about buying stuff, hanging out with friends, and playing games. Today filled all those requirements exceptionally well, though a few friends were absent, I am hoping I can swing back Sunday for a bit, unfortunately I am busy Saturday. Well, if anyone has a good con story, let me hear it. Until next time, take care everyone.

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